Guide to building inspection for a commercial property: Meaning, objectives, and advantages


Commercial properties hold a lot of people under one roof. Considering the various departments, offices, sections in the building, you can expect more than hundreds of people working together. Thus, everyone’s safety is of prime importance to the company owners. Regular building inspection helps to understand the life expectancy of the structure and areas if improvement.

Inspection en Batiment MCM or similar companies hire the best people on board to offer timely building inspection reports. Regular property inspections help you to not only take necessary actions at the right time, but also save good money than spending on massive repair or replacement.

What does a building inspection do?

A building inspection is conducted by an expert referred to as a building inspector. One of the major aims for these experts is to present the owner a real picture to be able to withstand in the real estate world and expert good returns. On the other side, these are conducted to ensure safety and security of the property as well as people residing in.

Typically, building inspection consists of the following major systems:

  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • HVAC

Several reports are generated discussing the above. Pest infestation, property, insurance compliance, interior, exterior, safety, structure, traffic flow, etc…. are a few common reports to mention.

Advantages of performing commercial property inspection:

  1. Regular inspection helps to reduce maintenance costs. Rather than ignoring the minor issues and repair work, the owner takes effective action and save good money on the long term maintenance and repair.
  2. These reports come as a major support in clearing audits and insurance compliance. Proper documentation of these reports also helps the company to earn loyalty and credibility in the real estate world. Hiring a qualified building inspector earns the company good loyalty.
  3. Regular inspections also help improve the resale value of the property. Property appreciation is appreciated by all and thus, these reports come as a major support to attract potential buyers or tenants for the property.
  4. Hiring a qualified inspector from places like Inspection en Batiment MCM helps you to avoid all the embarrassment, stress, and worries related to external audits, sudden inspections, and insurance compliance.
  5. Contacting a professional helps you to gain knowledge in the real estate scenario. By assessing your property at regular intervals you get to understand where you stand in the real estate market.