How To Select An Architectural Firm?


Whether you want to build a custom home or a retail shop, you want to hire the best architect for the project. The architectural design process can seem time-consuming for those who have never been through it. However, a good architectural firm can guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Working with a reputable architectural firm from the very beginning will add great value to your investment and ensure a successful project. It can be difficult to choose one company since many of them claim to be good at their jobs. Following a few tips can help you spot a good firm, such as architecte usine Stendel + Reich

Tips for selecting a good architectural firm 

  • Review their portfolio. 

When looking for an architectural company, list down some of the best in the city and determine the potential candidates. Review each of their portfolios and look at their past projects. You can also read client reviews on their website or google. Ask yourself if you like their work and if it inspires you. 

Additionally, pay attention to which firm does traditional jobs better and which is better at modern designs. It will help you narrow down your options as per your requirements. 

  • Check out their customer service. 

As much as the quality of work is important, one cannot ignore the customer service factor before hiring a company. In fact, this factor alone should make or break the deal. A firm that cares for its customers and is there to answer their questions is worth investing in. 

Book consultation meetings with prospective candidates and ask them about their customer service. You may ask questions like, “How can clients connect with you?”, “What is your approach to client problem-solving?”, “How long do you take to respond to clients’ questions?” and more. 

  • Take a look at their experience in the field. 

You cannot trust an architectural firm unless you know about their experience. Although experience alone does not guarantee quality work, it sure does help narrow down options. A firm with at least a decade of experience designing all kinds of buildings, be they residential or commercial, can provide a better service than a firm that recently came into the business. 

During the consultation meeting, ask them about their experience and how many successful or unsuccessful projects they have handled. If they have projects going on, you may visit the site and see their work for yourself. As a client, you can also ask them to show you their past projects in real life.