How to start an online business in Dubai?


The Internet is now an integral part of everyone’s life. Thanks to advances in online business, you can order products, buy groceries, and get services. Therefore, starting an online business in Dubai is the right choice

Also, it is a booming industry with a lot of potentials. Indian investors no matter they are business owners who want to expand or aspirants who want to enter the Dubai market should not miss starting their business online in UAE.

What is Online Business in Dubai?

Online business companies in the United Arab Emirates are enjoying a bigger surplus thanks to the massive rise in online goods and e-commerce. Also, you can sell your product online or even offer electronic services like classes, training, yoga, etc.

More than 90% of Dubai’s population has access to the Internet. So you have a huge audience pool to target and build your online business in Dubai on. The best part is that you don’t have to buy any physical office space to start such a business. License based on your business activity. Therefore, you can start your business as soon as you have legal approval from the government

What are the steps to open an online business in UAE?

The process of opening an online business in the Emirates is simple. This is all you need to do to incorporate such a company in Dubai:

  • Complete your business activities
  • Reserve a company name
  • Decide on the location of the office/virtual office
  • Apply online for a business license
  • Host an optimized website
  • Open a bank account

All these steps are discussed in detail below to make things easier for you:

Complete your business activities

The first step to start an online -Doing business in Dubai is to complete the business activities you want to carry out. Indian business owners need to analyze their products and services and list activities accordingly.

Always check the list before sending it to the appropriate department for approval to avoid future mishaps. In addition, you can also apply for outside approvals to gain permission to conduct other business activities.

Reserve a company name

What should your online business name be in UAE? Do you have a list for this or need to make one? It is mandatory to have proof of payment for company name reservations to start an online business in Dubai.

Also, ensure that you follow all naming convention protocols established by the United Arab Emirates government. Never use derogatory terms or words that are in any way offensive or defamatory. Keep in mind that there is an additional fee for foreign company names.

Decide on the location

Where do you want to open your online business in the Emirates? You have the opportunity to set up your business in the continental region to gain access to the local market. In addition, you can also enjoy a facility in a free zone with an independent and lenient jurisdiction. However, you can set up the company directly in Virtual Office.

The location you choose plays an important role in the growth of your business. Therefore, you should always consult BIZ advisors before deciding on the location of the company incorporation.

 Obtaining an Online Business License

The next step is to obtain an online business license in Dubai for your event. In addition, it is the legal permit that allows you to engage in all business activities permitted in your respective jurisdiction

There are several online business licenses that you can purchase to set up the business of your dreams in Dubai. These include:

Etrade License – The Etrader License is a convenient online trading license for UAE and GCC citizens residing in Dubai. Space for this license and you can start selling your products and services digitally.

Portal License: None Nationals can request a portal license to start their online business in Dubai.