New Age Dentistry: Latest Advancements in Dentistry 


New age dentistry is modern and contains technology consisting of digitized X-rays replacing traditional radiographs and other advancements. Do you know that Lakeview has one of the highest numbers of dental professionals and access to newer services? 

These technologies, which are faster and produce more accurate results, are becoming popular among dentists and patients. Are you searching for new-age dental services? If you are looking for the best modern dental services in Lakeview, you must try Lakeview, Chicago dental practice

  • Lasers for tooth cavity 

Traditionally, the dentist uses dental instruments to explore the cavity. An instrument known as an explorer is used during a checkup to get an idea about the depth and extent of the cavity. 

But with changing times, many dentists are preferring the laser option. It is a high-technology option that can give an in-depth analysis of tooth decay. A dental health professional can watch the tooth and maintain the records of the tooth for the next visit. 

  • CAD/CAM technology 

CAD/CAM is the new-age dental solution for ‘computer-assisted design’ and ‘computer-assisted manufacture.’ These technologies can complete patients’ crowns and bridge placement in just two or three visits. A long period is traditionally required with frequent visits for complete, partial, or removable denture placement. 

  • Thin veneers preserve teeth. 

Veneers are endodontic materials that are thin and custom-made molds fitted on the patient’s teeth. They can cover the crooked or broken parts of the tooth to give them a new appearance. With the introduction of new materials, making thinner veneers is possible. These materials have a better look and preserve the tooth than traditional options. 

In addition, thinner veneers allow the dentist to preserve more teeth. Hence, it is a conservative option. 

  • Better dental implants 

Implants are the agents that can replace lost teeth and give them a new look. Nowadays, titanium implants are used by dentists, which fuse with the jawbone and give patients comfort. Earlier, there were 90% of implant failures for several reasons, but today’s time, with advances in technology and the introduction of new-age materials, has made implants a much easier option. 


The new-age dental technologies have opened several doors for both dentists and patients. They allow better patient compliance and good treatment outcomes. So next time you visit a dentist for treatment, try to enquire more about these new-age technologies.