Ways to Find Security Guard Jobs in Delhi? 


Do you relish the challenge of keeping a cool head and working under pressure? If yes, you consider pursuing a job as a security guard. Security guards are the first line of defence at various locations and are responsible for immediately taking defensive action during an emergency and saving lives. The successful security guards have strong critical thinking skills, communication skills and the ability to think on their feet. 

Generally, the occupants of a building, including commercial and residential spaces, rely on their security guards to make them feel safe and keep the premises secured. The security guards work in different settings and have different responsibilities depending on where they are employed. If you are interested in the job, you can easily find several security guards jobs in Delhi at hospitals, schools, malls, government buildings, banks, private residence societies, etc. 

Becoming a security guard can be the first step to pursuing different careers in the future. Suppose you aspire to become a private investigator, a police officer, a corrections officer, or work in a control room. In that case, taking a job as a security guard can help you pursue your ambition. 

Resume tips for applying for a security guard job

When you apply for any job, it is vital to create a unique Resume that makes a good impression on your potential new employer and preparing a resume for a security job is no different. If you are preparing a resume to apply for a security guards’ position, you must know that the employer looks for specific skills. You can highlight the following essential qualities and emphasise them in your resume.

  • Pay attention to details and highlights your skills, education, and experience to show your employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job. 
  • Showcase your excellent communication skills by ensuring that your resume is error-free (grammatical and spelling mistakes). 
  • Proven track record of good work, any appreciation or award you may have received in your previous job locations.

If you don’t have any relevant experience, you can consider including things like: 

  • Your military experience or any specific training like self-defence techniques that you have completed.
  • Your experience working as a bouncer
  • Volunteer work as a firefighter, at crowd control events, etc
  • Experience in working in any customer service-related industry

If you are unsure or confused about what skills to include in your resume, you should check the job descriptions carefully. Typically, the hiring managers list the key traits they are looking for. Highlight those qualities in your resume to score some brownie points. 

Interview tips while looking for a security guard job

Before you attend the interview, make sure that you think of specific examples from your personal experience that you can share with the interviewer to solidify your candidature for the role. You can discuss a time when you could control a chaotic situation that got out of hand using only your words. You can also talk about a problem when you faced a threat to your life and how you handled the situation. 

Citing real-life experiences to the hiring manager will showcase your potential and give you a distinct edge in securing the job. 

Final Word

Use the above tips, and you will be able to get the security job you desire.