What are Melanotan II and its Benefits? 


Melanotan II is a peptide that promotes the formation of melanin in the skin. Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones are peptide hormones generated in the pituitary glands intermediate lobe that stimulate pigment cells in the skin and hair to manufacture and release melanin, resulting in darker skin and hair. Melanotan II stimulates the formation of melanin in skin pigment cells known as melanocytes.

Melanin is a skin pigment that protects the skin from UV radiation and damage from the sun. It may be their body’s natural sunscreen. Because melanin levels are low, the skin is more vulnerable to DNA damage from excessive sun exposure. Due to the lack of melanin and its protection against UV radiation, those with fair skin are more likely to burn and risk more DNA damage. It also implies that they have spent a significant amount of time honing their ability to produce a tan without burning.

It’s a delicate balancing act to get enough vitamin D from the sun while avoiding the risk of acquiring melanoma. Staying out of the sun to prevent melanoma has already been linked to vitamin D insufficiency.

How to use tanning peptides to increase melanin production?

To achieve a safe tan, users must increase the production of melanin by boosting the melanocyte-stimulating hormone. When researching prospective treatments for skin cancer, a tanning peptide was used. They proposed that a protective tan might be formed before UV exposure by activating the body’s natural pigmentary system through the process of melanogenesis, minimizing the risk of skin damage.

The release of a Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone causes a natural increase in the production of melanin from the skin’s melanocytes with just a little UV exposure. The tanning peptide increases a-MSH levels, which leads to increased melanin production and tanning potential regardless of skin type.

What are the benefits of Melanotan II?

  • With less UV exposure, the user will get a darker tan.
  • Even fair-skinned people can tan without getting sunburned.
  • Skin Cancer risk reduction may be possible.
  • There’s a chance that sun-damaged skin will be less common.
  • Body fat reduction may be possible.
  • There were no sunburns or tan lines.
  • There will be no fake tan removal or sunless tanning streaks.
  • Increased libido is a possibility.

Melanotan II was discovered to be a powerful activator of male erections during clinical trials for its use as a tanning agent.

MT-2 is a peptide that has been extensively studied, notably about human behaviour, sexual desire, and impulse control. Clinical trials of the peptide in various forms have been conducted, but difficulties with administration routes have led scientists to return to the drawing board. The benefits of this particular peptide are currently being researched. In mice, MT-2 has minimal to moderate adverse effects, poor oral bioavailability, and high subcutaneous bioavailability. The dose given to mice per kilogramme does not translate to humans. The online portal where people can acquire MT-2 is intended for educational and scientific research, not for human use. Only licenced researchers should buy Melatonan 2.