What are NFTs and How to Best Protect Them


With today’s technology, you can easily enjoy and earn some money at the same time. With NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokensmarket that is popular nowadays, many are investing to grow a passive money. However, with investors pouring new assets, NFTs are then became instant target of scammers and hackers. In line with this, many are worried on how they can prevent this. To best protect them, continue reading this article.

How Are the NFTs Created?

To secure your current NFTs, you need to understand how it is created. Creating one, does now require so much knowledge of coding on the blockchain.First, they choose the blockchain on which they wish to issue their NFT. Ethereum currently holds the most popularity, but other blockchains such as Binance or Flow by Dapper Labs have also been growing in popularity. 

Next would be easier, finding a cryptocurrency digital wallet that supports ERC-721 Ethereum’s NFT standards. Then purchase enough crypto in order to create an NFT. Lastly, connecting your digital wallet and upload something that later on will turn into an NFT.

This kind of market is often vulnerable to criminals. With its popularity more people NFT users are now worried how they can protect them. Securing a digital wallet with a password is not safe anymore. Passwords are known to be vulnerable to phishing and SIM swapping, making it harder for investors to trust the server sometimes. 

The good thing about this is companies that caters NFTs can use a stronger authentication like FIDO2 passwordless authentication. Which can easily prevent attacks from possible cyberhackers.

By doing so, hiring a company that utilizes this kind of service is a plus. It also needs to offer assistance in terms of eKYC that adheres to government regulations.

To learn more about how you can protect NFTs read this infographic from LoginID.