4 Reasons why customs play an important role in car importing


Hiring a customs broker can make you import your car to Canada smoothly. By coordinating with the respective departments and teams, they get you clearance on the import effortlessly. Engaging with a broker also prevents other risks and stress of application rejection. They ensure everything is in place to get a positive result.

Regardless of whether your reason to import car to Canada is personally or professional, they know every process well. A trusted customs broker like from Clearit car importing keeps him/her updated of changing rules, laws, and systems of import. It is something that a layman cannot do. Thus, you must hire a reliable broker for car import to Canada. Check out the below reasons why most people rely on professional and experienced customs agents for their car import formalities.

4 Reasons why hiring a customs broker play an essential role in car importing:

  1. Compliance:

A broker is aware of the system and laws of the other country. They are research and are knowledgeable of the different acts related to environment, health, food, driving, and other eligibility criteria. Thus, they know more than anyone else for smooth transport.

  1. Prevent penalties:

Different countries operate differently. Thus, the parameters of calculating import duties, tariffs, and customs charges vary as well. Similarly, the documentation process and paperwork differs too. A customs broker is aware of all the steps involved in the process. They make entries and submit documents in compliance with the law. Thus, you can prevent penalties and risks of application rejection.

  1. Economical:

One more reason to hiring a customs broker is their economical charges. Some are reasonable and ensure total client satisfaction until the car finally reaches its destination. As they take your complete work and stress, you save money on regular visits for paperwork and documentation.

  1. Peace of mind:

Hiring a customs broker takes you away from the stress of terms and mandatory steps such as obtaining an ITN number. Moreover, the car also undergoes certain eligibility tests laid by the Canadian government. Thus, the car owner enjoys peace of mind throughout the import process.


To hire a reliable customs broker, ask referrals from your friends or family. You can even research online and pick good rated customs firms for your car import. Don’t miss to discuss their fee to prevent any confusion in future.