5 Secrets to pick the best car protection film for your car

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Paint protection film (PPF) are one of the best solutions to protect your car overall. It is a valuable and sensible investment for your car maintenance. In fact car owners with PPF do not take their car for maintenance work for long. They save more money in the long run. A good and branded film lasts longer than 10 years. Thus, you must pick a good car cover like ProShield PPF Montreal for your vehicle.

Before buying paint protection film for your car, remember a few tips in mind before finalizing the car paint. Here are a few tips to consider…

5 top tips to pick the best car protection film for your vehicle:

  1. Check the film material: Before buying anything random, it would be wise to check the film material. Car protection films come in different types of materials such as clear coat, acrylic adhesive, polyester release liner, polyurethane, etc… Different types have different features with one core objective i.e. car paint protection.
  2. Find the manufacturing date: Check the manufacturing of the PPF. If you consider all the car film materials, urethane is one of the main components in paint protection films. These are highly preferred due to their transparency, resistance ability, anti-corrosion, and lightweight.
  3. Choose higher level protection: One of the most important features to check is the protection level in a film. Spending money on car protection makes little sense if it doesn’t resolve the main purpose of the same. Generally, most car dealers will recommend you to go for PPF with 6 mils thickness. Low-quality films will offer you less protection than branded ones.
  4. Confirm the transparency: One of the core objectives of buying a paint protection film is to give a clear bra to your car. Premium films offer you more transparency making your paint look as good as new for years. These also have self-healing ability. Thus, it would be difficult to trace the errors in the car paint.
  5. Check the longevity: Durability plays a vital role while selecting paint protection film for car. Branded films reduce risk of peeling and lifting for many years. A good film offers you durability for up to 10 to 12 years.

Choose films like ProShield PPF Montreal to add beauty, value, and protection to your car. You have spent a lot to buy that car and you mustn’t make compromises on protecting it.