In European countries, the terms rugs and carpet tile are occasionally used interchangeably because both are coverings used for floors. Do you also think that carpets and rugs are the same things altogether? Well, there might have been a misunderstanding and we are here to clear it.

Rugs and carpets both are described as coverings for the floors that may or may not be thick and provide a new or desirable look to your space. The major difference or the thing that differentiates them both is their size. Generally, carpets span from wall to wall, and rugs are around 2 to 5 meters covering only a small space. Yes, there are large area rugs as well, but they do not go from wall to wall as some space is left on the corners.

In this blog, we will be discussing the differences between an area rug and a carpet. The major differentiating factor between both is the size as mentioned before. Wall to wall carpet as the name suggests stretches from one corner of the room to another corner. Whereas the area rugs despite being bigger than the normal rugs still fall short from the carpets as they leave the corners or edges of the room uncovered.

Another difference would be under laid, a piece of foam that is laid down under the carpets to make them feel thick and soft under the feet, even lush and magnificent carpets can use some support as well. In the case of area rugs, they are made thicker in comparison to wall-to-wall carpets and do not require any extra support.

The edges of the wall-to-wall carpet are not sewn together or finished as they are mass-produced in rolls and are cut in pieces according to our needs or the size, we want but the area rugs are made up of specific sizes and have their edges sewn up together in different designs with threads and other decorations.

Wall to wall carpets need to be kept in place via the use of adhesives or they crease under traffic and may become a falling hazard. Area rugs do not need to be stuck to their place and can be moved around easily; their thickness makes them unable to crease.

Wall-to-wall carpets use adhesive to stay in place and this might ruin the floor underneath and are hard to move around. Sometimes you might be unable to take them away with you if you are changing places. In contrast area rugs do not mess with the floor they are placed on; they are easier to carry and move around and you can also take them away with you if you wish.

Another difference is that area rugs are easier to clean compared to their larger counterparts. just pop them in the machine and they will be good as new but on the other hand carpets require deep cleaning, which is better to be left to professionals, you can try cleaning them at home but that is a long laborious process and there is no guarantee that it will clean away the grime or not and don’t forget the drying process which will take days to do so.