Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity in various industries, and the entertainment sector is no exception. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence will play a significant role in shaping the future of the entertainment industry. 

Accuracy of undressing neural network results

Today, there is a huge variety of methods used in information technology to solve various problems. One of these methods is neural networks, the popularity of which is breaking new records every year.

Artificial neural networks are a model of a biological neural network consisting of nerve cells. It was the principles of the functioning of the nervous system of living organisms that attracted the attention of W. McCulloch and W. Pitts, who, in 1943, formulated the concept of a neural network and showed the prospects for the development of this direction in logical calculus.

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Image creation of hyper-realistic women

The neural network developers have been working hard since day one. Their goal is to help you create images of hyper-realistic women or anime with impeccable physical characteristics. You can use the service for the following purposes:

  • Personal entertainment.
  • Selecting the appropriate product model.
  • Selecting the perfect dress for the bride in her absence.
  • Market research of people of a certain demographic group.
  • Creating memes for publication on social networks.

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