Few Important Tips on How to Buy A New Or Used Bikes


Buying a motorcycle, new or pre-owned, is an intimidating task for everyone. You need to make sure that every detail is carefully checked and verified by you before buying your motorcycle. It becomes stressful for you while finalizing the brand, model, price, and much more critical decisions. However, this detailed homework will help you to avoid any after-purchase surprises.

Deciding on some most precise details

You have lots of options in today’s automobile industry from used to new motorcycles and from dealer to local seller. It completely depends on your personal preferences to make the right decision.

Here are a few points for you to consider –

  1. Budget – You can first decide your budget so that you do not repent for having a low bank balance afterwards. Also deciding your budget will clear other requirements for your motorcycle.
  2. Type of motorcycle – The motorcycle market is overflown with different shapes, size, and colors. They can be categorized into standard, sports, cruisers, and touring bikes that fit your budget.
  3. Engine capacity – Motorcycles are available with engine capacity ranging from 250cc to 1400cc. Carefully choose the engine as more the engine capacity, higher the power and price, and lower the fuel efficiency.
  4. Where to buy – You can take quotes from various local dealers, out-of-state dealers, and private sellers to compare their prices and terms. After comparison and satisfaction, you can finalize a meeting for completing deal formalities.
  5. Ex-showroom or on-road price – Ex-showroom price includes manufacturer price, applicable tax, and dealer margin. On-Road Price is the ex-showroom price in addition to some other charges like road tax, registration, insurance, delivery, and any additional warranty coverage charges.

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New motorcycle vs used motorcycle – Dos & Don’ts for used motorcycle

Buying your favorite bike is a one-time investment work. You may like having some more features in your new bike that will satisfy your needs for a long time. However, having these features may increase your budget for a new bike. In this case, you may opt to buy a pre-owned or used motorcycle.

Buying tips for used motorcycles

If you fail to examine carefully, a used bike comes with a lot of hidden cost on maintenance and other risks. While buying a used motorcycle, you need to follow below mentioned guidelines –

  1. Documentation – You must carefully verify all the original documents like registration certificates, details of previous owners, service records, accidental history, and insurance papers. Sellers may hide things like actual mileage, the life of body parts, accidents, and many other things.
  2. Proper vehicle inspection – You may hire a trustworthy mechanic to get the vehicle inspected thoroughly. They can verify the chains, tires, and other mechanical parts for wear and tear loss. They will tell the actual price of the used motorcycle.