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It may be tough for learners to fully study for tests and master every idea. But just don’t worry, you can always get a detailed solution to your problems. Chapter two of chemistry for Class 12 has a high mark importance and is also extremely scoring. Each theme and subtopic relating to solid, liquid, and gaseous mixtures is covered in Chapter name in Solution. Class 12 is crucial in determining your professional path. You must study using well-knit study materials. Alternatively, you could use NCERT solutions. The Chemistry curriculum for Class 12 is divided into multiple chapters, making it a difficult subject to study. NCERT contains answers for all of Class 12’s chapters, with the goal of improving students’ understanding. It also provides a new approach to the material provided in Chapter 2 as well as guides students through a logical framework for answering problems appropriately. NCERT solutions for Chemistry Course 12 Chapter 2 aids students in comprehending the question structure for board exams.

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Learners will be able to learn the fundamental concept and production of a solution in the Chemistry 12th class Chapter 2 notes. These notes are offered in a free PDF format, which saves students money on costly study materials and books. Why pay for something when you can have it for free? These 12th class chemistry answers notes have been written by highly qualified chemistry professors with many years of expertise. They operate under the new terms and circumstances set out by CBSE each year, and they formulate questions in accordance with CBSE’s most recent edition. This Solution chapter includes a number of formulae that should be memorised in order to answer any numerical issue quickly. Chapter 2 chemistry Class 12 notes is a distinct part that lists all of the formulae that will be presented in the chapter. As a result, this free PDF for notes will assist students in achieving good exam results.


In ordinary life, we seldom come across pure chemicals. The vast majority are mixtures of two or more pure substances. Their makeup determines their use or value in life. Because air we inhale is mostly made up of oxygen and nitrogen, as well as the water we drink contains trace quantities of “salts. Our blood is made up of a number of different substances. Mixes include brass, bronze, stainless steel, and other alloys. In this unit, we’ll look at liquid solutions including their characteristics. Take common salt in water, for example.Classification: Binary solutions are those that have only 2 parts. Components are the elements that make up a solution. The solvents is the ingredient with the highest concentration. Some other element in the solution which is maintained in lesser levels is referred to as a solute. Each element may exist as a solid, fluid, or gas.

Do you know the answer of the below question:

  1. Which of the following statement is true?
  2. The relative lowering of vapoure pressure of a solution is equal to the mole fraction of the solute present in the solution
  3. Passage of solute molecules towards solution side through semipermeable membrane is osmosis
  4. The boiling point of a solution is always lower than the solvent
  5. The boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which its vapour pressure becomes equal to 260 mm

Class 12’s Solution chapter delves into the details of solutions, solvents, and solutes. There’ll be queries on the solvent as well as solute concentration as well as the total solution. You must prepare your thoughts for the difficult questions posed in the paper. Chemistry Chapter two 12th class notes include all of the chapter’s essential information as well as numerical solutions. There are also several tests to carry out in this regard. Chemistry 12th class Chapter two notes will provide you with answers to all of your questions while you study for your tests. These notes will help you to ensure that you are well prepared in order to achieve the highest possible score. It also relies on how well you prepare and how thoroughly you revise using self-study. The following is a full overview of the subjects covered in 12th class lessons on solution chemistry: Solution: The solution is just a quasi-mixture of two non-reactive materials that is homogenous in nature. It’s a phase that has two or more elements. Solute and solvent are the two primary components of the solution. The solute is available at a lower concentration, whereas the solvent is available in a higher concentration. Molality is represented by the letter’m.’ It is measured in moles of solute per kilogramme of solvent. Molarity is denoted by the letter ‘M,’ that also stands for moles of solute per litre of solvent. Moles have such a variety of formulae to state. Nevertheless, moles are defined as the mass of a solute or solvent inside a solution split by their atomic masses in terms of weight. Mole The number of particles of matter divided by total number of molecules yields a fraction. Normality is measured in grammes of solute equivalent per litre of complete solution. At a particular temperature, solubility refers to the greatest amount of solute that may be dissolved in the solvent.