How to Deal with Challenging Behavior in the Classroom


Teachers face various behavioral issues in the classroom. Most of these issues could hinder the success of the learning process. It is imperative that teachers handle these behaviors decisively to take control of the lessons. Teachers in high schools can use these approaches to deal with challenging behavior in their classrooms.

Teach positive behavior

One critical thing that teachers don’t do that they should is to start by teaching positive behavior. It is easy to assume that learners already know what positive behavior is but some could innocently be unaware of it. Therefore, a teacher should take the initiative of actively teaching positive behavior. It could be through role-playing, lectures, group discussions, or any other student-centered approach. This will make learners own positive behavior and easily implement it in the classroom.

Communicate well

Communication is often a barrier in a classroom setup. Students could be exhibiting challenging behavior because they do not have clear communication on what is expected of them. The teacher needs to be clear about the basic classroom expectations. They should repeat the instructions for all learners to understand. This will minimize distractions caused by the lack of knowledge of what should be done. When the communication channels are clear, both the teacher and the students can express themselves.

Recognize and appreciate good behavior and achievement

Children are competitive in nature. You should use that to reinforce good behavior in the classroom. The best form of reinforcement is recognizing and appreciating good behavior and achievement in the classroom. When a student behaves well, you should appreciate it verbally or even with a reward. This will show other students the value of good behavior. They will also strive to achieve it to get recognition.

Have a quiet area

You should ensure that students have a quiet area where they can go to sit if they misbehave in the classroom. This place should be in a secluded corner in the classroom. No student would want to spend most of the time in the quiet corner. This will help to reduce distractions and unwanted behavior in the classroom.


All these techniques would be useless if you cannot maintain consistency. According to psychologists, students love it when justice is done. Therefore, any rule of the class should have an accompanying punishment that is consistent. To improve your classroom safety, you can also consider taking anAHA CPR course that will help you attend to emergencies in your school.