How does the seiko submariner mod is popular in terms of durability and uniqueness?


The Series, as though its high-end Swiss cousin, had quite a rock group and also an automated mechanism that removed the need for everyday maintenance. It’s also moisture but over towards the point of absurdity: Its mainspring has been built of practically indestructible metal, the mechanism has been shielded from harsh impact by a clever impact resistance mechanism, and even the unique diamond was essentially extremely durable. This Seiko was not only tough but also stylish seiko submariner mod.


Monitor customization seems to be a hugely popular subgroup of wristwatch gathering industry, where fans experiment with beloved timepieces to create unique wearable masterpieces. Without a question, it’sthe most famous product inside this mudding area, in which the ideal hurricane of ego is created by the confluence of cost and easy availability to high-quality components.

Some individuals of such modifying industry for seiko submariner mod have also converted their talents into stutter stepping, providing their talents to other enthusiasts for such a charge to create the Seiko modifications of its ambitions.

Starting point

While this timepiece may be changed, many madders prefer either Seiko 5 or Seiko families as their starting point. Both Seiko and ranges’ range of antecedents, the accessibility from each item in the event of devastating blunders, and also the sturdy durable construction all seem to be characteristics that contribute to the appropriate artistic canvas. As a result, the number of possible Seiko modifications you’ll see is nearly limitless, with various aspects of the wristwatch being altered to produce the required appearance. With these in perspective, here are seven Seiko modifications which have already lately piqued our – among others’ – interest.


Seiko 5s seem to be infinite in terms of production, diversity, and interchangeability of all elements, particularly movements. When you throw in a small business specialized in conversion kits, the touch factor skyrockets. Technicians can speed their mechanical watches aspirations for individuals who are skillfully handicapped and then don’t enjoy the thought of obtaining knobs and tools—let alone reading over laborious YouTube lessons.

Innovative timepieces

The emergence of smart variants provides a chance to revisit older models, but one in particular stands out with a favorite, even decades previously. But even though the SKX007 seems to be no longer in business, it “persists “, a protest to again, too many ‘premium’ dive timepieces worldwide – and just a constantly great value offering.