Footwear Tips: 6 Things that Make a Good Shoe


In estimation, humans walk five times the earth’s circumference in our lifetime. Yet, we rarely pay much attention to our feet and footwear, aside from aesthetics.

Shoes may be the most important part of a person’s clothing because no other article of clothing must fit so precisely and perform critical mechanical functions like transferring body weight. 

Aside from immediate foot discomfort, poor or incorrect footwear can cause problems with the lower legs, knees, hips, and lower back. Furthermore, those who wear ill-fitting shoes are more likely to fall, which can be fatal in the elderly. 

A good shoe like Yeezy Slides Bone White possesses several characteristics. Typically, price is not a consideration because a good shoe may be less expensive than an inappropriate shoe, and famous brands do not guarantee quality. You should look to see if the shoe has the following characteristics.


There should be an adjustable strap, such as laces or Velcro, that allows for adjustment based on the needs of the individual. Yeezy Slides Bone White provides it well.

2-The Cuff

The Cuff of your shoe is the actual area that fits around your ankle; this is the area where we usually feel the most pain when wearing shoes. If the shoe is leather and you intend to wear it daily, this area should always have a lining. If you don’t, you’ll have sore heels for a more extended period, and your shoes won’t hold their shape well with regular wear. 

3-Enough space

Your toes should have enough room (both width and depth) at the front of the shoe, like in Yeezy Slides Bone White. Normal walking causes your foot to spread out and lengthen up to one cm in both directions. As a result, choose a shoe about the width of your thumb longer than your longest toe.

4-Maximum heel height of 2.5cm (1 inch)

The heel of the shoe must not be higher than 2.5cm. Otherwise, the heel and ankle become more unstable, making sprains and forefoot pain more likely. 


The shoes’ heel support/ cup should be soft and stable, with no vertical or horizontal heel movement.


It could be for two reasons if you’re looking for a Yeezy Slides Bone White, lace-up brogue, Oxford, boot, or hiking shoe and exposed stitching. It serves two purposes: one, it is decorative, and two, it keeps water out. If the thread is decorative, you should be able to run your nail along with it and see the line separating. Nothing should come off when you run your pin along to keep the water out. Instead, apply a waxy coating.

You will never look at the shoes the same way again now that you have learned the skills of footwear quality control. Shoe quality inspection is an essential skill for a shoemaker to master, as the quality of footwear construction is a necessary feature of any shoe you make, buy, or sell. This article has helped to teach you the fundamentals of footwear quality control in the shoemaking industry.


After reading this, you must know the proper footwear inspection procedure. Understanding how to conduct a shoe quality inspection is an essential skill for shoe designers, developers, and product line managers. It is critical to inspect the materials, assembly technique, and artistry when a new sample arrives.