How to Get Organized After a Move



Moving does not end when you leave your old house. You also need to unpack and organize your new place. One thing you must know is that how you pack your items affects the entire process. We understand you want to settle down in your new home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after the hectic process of packing and moving, you still have a lot to do before you settle down. After the moving company leaves, the ball is on your side now. You can make the process easier by staying organized like you did when moving from your old house. So, how do you do that? Here are ways of getting organized after a move.

Give Yourself Time to Relax

Unless you have a tight schedule, it is vital to give yourself enough time for everything. Doing things in a hurry and when exhausted could get everything messy. So, ensure you have ample time when packing, unpacking, and organizing. It will ensure everything is done strategically, and your body has enough time to regenerate.

Clean First

Before you unpack anything, clean the new place first. Look for the box labeled “cleaning supplies” and gather your products. Go room to room and clean every corner. Vacuum, sanitize, and dust. After cleaning, your house will now be ready for occupancy.

Start with the Furniture

After cleaning, it is time to place everything in its right place. You will need to start with large pieces like furniture. Place the carpets then arrange the furniture depending on the room and functionality. The good thing about arranging furniture first is that it helps you decide on the rooms’ layout. Play with the arrangement until something works out.

Take the Boxes to their Designated Rooms

Unpack with a system. Start with the necessary items first and place every box in its room based on its label. You can start with the boxes belonging to the kitchen, then move to the bedroom, the bathroom, and the rest. Examine the boxes and put each where it belongs.

Get the Kitchen Done First

After you have sorted out the boxes, it is time to start unpacking. We recommend starting with the kitchen before you move to the other rooms. This is because the kitchen has different types of items and most are fragile. Furthermore, you will need to make food amidst the job. Start with the essential items first and concentrate on the rest later.

Create a List and Timeline

If you want to remain disciplined and organized, it can be ideal to create a list of things you need to do. Then, set a deadline for each depending on the magnitude of the work. For instance, you can set a time limit for unpacking each box in a room, or a day or two for the entire room. A list and timeline will keep you organized.


This is how to remain organized after a move. How you do things impacts the process of unpacking and settling. So, try as much as possible to stay organized and ask for help when you need it.