Pramod Rajput – Life as a poet


“How does it feel to be a poet?” People constantly ask, and I find it both challenging and enjoyable to respond. People are genuinely interested, which makes it charming, says Pramod Rajput. Being a poet appears abstract to the untrained eye. The story is a love dream. Writing poetry is frequently misunderstood as a labor of love. Despite this, it is commonly placed on a pedestal of ‘great art,’ as if it were untouchable. It is as if it’s something you only do once you have been accepted into a secret organization.

However, Pramod believes most poets would describe it as a compulsion. It may be professional, or it could be love — but there is always a need. Many of us would feel smothered if we didn’t have the option to write. We would feel forced to communicate the continual photos we collect in our minds and feel obligated to actualize if we didn’t have the opportunity to write but it is also more than that; we frequently produce poetry to challenge the status quo. To put up a fight against injustice. To stave off mental illness, we try to make sense of ourselves, our societies, and our experiences by writing them down. It is a light that shines on wounds that need to be seen to be healed. We write because we cannot seem to break free from the compulsion, and perhaps that is the case with you, too? According to Pramod, poetry is a way of life. 

Pramod is a software architect, prominent Hindi/Urdu poet, and novelist who was born in a tiny hamlet in Bihar, India and is now a US citizen. On the 7th of February 2019, his poetry was referenced in the Indian Parliament by none other than the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. His debut book, “AA JEE LEIN ZARA” in Hindi, which has a compilation of 100 ghazals and nazms, has been in print since September 2019 and is well received. Many of his poems are now molded into songs. He has also written two romance novels in English and Hindi, “SEVEN COLORS OF LOVE” and “SAAT RANG PYAAR KE.” His books are sold all around the world on Amazon. 

Being a poet, according to him, entails incorporating poetry in all forms into his daily routine. Sure, it is lovely and uplifting, but it also works. It involves a lot of editing, networking with other editors and poets, and honing your skill. Psychologically, it is a delicate balancing act between rejection and determination to keep sharing what you write. His works are primarily based on describing various human emotions. His specialty is romance, but he is equally adept at portraying other emotions such as sadness, happiness, frustration, motivation, etc. That is why his works touch the hearts of his readers, and everyone can relate to them.

Poetry is one of the best art forms because it is so pure. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to earn a degree, hire an agent, or do anything else. It has nothing to do with money or accounting. All you have to do now is connect with another person!