How to Distinguish an Armored Vehicle from a Normal One?


Armored vehicles are significantly rising both in popularity and numbers, and there are a lot of civilians today who are comfortably driving them. Around 100,000 civilian-driven armored cars are on the streets right now globally and that is a pretty large figure. When we look at them, they appear almost similar to the normal cars that are driving down the streets. Today, the armored vehicles look more sleek and trendy and one cannot easily differentiate between them and the normal ones. 

So how can you figure if it is an armored vehicle on the road?

Heavy duty steel frame

The first thing that is added to the steel frame of these cars is ballistic-grade steel. This is what makes the body of these cars vastly different to normal cars. The complete frame is wrapped up in tempered steel and it is then applied to the frame like a jigsaw puzzle. As a result, no space is left between the two pieces. Hence, the cars can maintain their firm shape and can offer quite a higher level of security and protection. 

Ballistic glass 

All the glass that is used in an armored car is completely different from the normal glass used in vehicles. The windows are made of glass that is slightly mixed with leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate. This helps the glass of windows, rear windows and windshields to absorb energy from the nearby assaults and not break. This glass is also two to three inches thick. 

Rebuilt mechanics

There is an added weight of steel and glass and hence the mechanism inside the car needs to be modified. The brakes need to be improvised along with the suspension and engine components in order to haul in the armor. These changes will often make the car feel different once it is driven. 

Robust bumpers and tires

The bumpers that are present in these armored vehicles are expected to run through just anything. In cases of any unusual events, these cars must transport their passengers to complete safety. This means that the bumpers must be able to absorb repetitive impacts and the tires must function normally without getting damaged. 

All these features differentiate these highly smart and safe armored cars from the normal ones. So, if you too are considering one for yourself, check out the section of Troy Armoring bulletproof sedans to make a choice.