How to Identify Between Real & Fake Gold Necklace Set


India is full of weddings and festivals throughout the year where everyone gives gifts to each other. A gold necklace set is a perfect option whenever we think about gifting it to the bride at her wedding or to a particular relative at a function. The price of gold keeps changing all the time. This happens because gold is a very precious metal, and fraudsters easily convert it into fake jewelry. And it looks so real that it becomes very difficult for the customers to differentiate between real and fake gold.

To save money and time, learn how to check the purity of gold. Here are some simple ways to check the authenticity of the gold.

⦁    Whenever sellers sell their jewelry, they leave a mark on every gold jewelry as a hallmark so that buyers can easily identify the real one. It can also determine the percentage of gold in it. This hallmark is on the clasp side of a bracelet or chain, whereas in rings or bangles, it is on the inner side. On coins, it is toward the front. Apart from this, it also talks about the purity of each piece, such as how much gold is in a piece of jewelry, like 12K or 24K. It also helps to know what is the current price of that particular gold item in India.

⦁    Gold can be easily tested at home. It can be identified through magnet tests. Real gold never gets attracted to magnets. If fake jewelry is placed near a magnet, it gets pulled toward it, which helps to know what it is made of and what kind of metals are used in it.

⦁    With water in the container, fake jewelry can also be tested because real gold is a thick metal. When a real piece of gold is placed in water, it sinks to the bottom, whereas fake gold floats on the surface. Real gold never loses its color when it gets wet, and if it does, it means that it is plated with gold.

⦁    A ceramic test is also a good way to differentiate between real and fake gold. Rub your gemstone on a ceramic plate with a little pressure. If you see gold traces on it, then it means the gold is real, and if you see black traces, then the gold is fake.

⦁    Pure gold is never affected by acid. It only damages fake pieces. To conduct the acid test, first, take your jewelry and carefully put a drop of nitric acid on one of its points. Then wait for the reaction. If it is fake gold, it immediately turns green at that spot. And if you see a clear drop of liquid and there is no color change, then it is real gold.

If you include the above-mentioned points in your research, then you will be completely satisfied that you are dealing with only a pure gold set. So, if you are thinking of buying earrings, necklace sets, rings, or other items in gold, then you can easily invest now.