How to keep your gums and teeth healthy for a long time?


Oral health is the first thing to remember as soon as you wake up. Your oral health begins as soon as you are awake as the first thing you do is brush your teeth and wash your mouth. It is one of the signs of good oral habits. However, you must follow a good oral health routine till bedtime. Brushing in the morning and before bedtime is the best thing to do. In fact, most health experts also recommend that you see a dentist once every 6 months.

An unhealthy dental routine may result in several issues such as plaque, bacteria, infection, tartar, and other major diseases such as oral cancer, gingivitis, and more.

5 Tips to maintain your gums and teeth healthy for long:

  • Get rid of sugar and drinks:

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies for your dental health. Sugary-based foods and drinks are the first thing you must remove from your meals. In fact, these are bad for overall health. The pllaque on your teeth feeds on sugar, and it is the main reason for cavities.

  • Improve your brushing habits:

As per the several dental associations, brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is the wisest thing to do in dental health. Don’t forget to brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime.

  • Learn the art of flossing:

Flossing helps in keeping plaque at bay. Flossing tools reach the nook and corners of the teeth where brushes fail. Thus, you must meet your dentist to understand the right way of flossing. It will help you prevent several other oral health risks too!

  • Quit smoking, tobacco, and alcohol:

Smoking has adverse effects on your oral health. Smoking for a long time results in issues like discoloration of teeth, plaque, tartar, tooth loss, and oral cancer. It would be difficult for your dentist to bring back your earlier healthy days. To sustain that pretty smile and maintain that confidence, you must quit these ill habits.

  • See your dentist:

Dentists play a vital role in your oral health. They are the right point of contact for all your dental or oral issues. Visiting your dentist at regular intervals helps you keep all the dental problems at bay. 

Now that you know the basics of oral hygiene, do not fall lazy in following these with sincerity.