Tire shredding is the process of recycling tires no longer fit for usage on vehicles due to irreparable damage or wear. This basically defines what the appropriate time is for tires to be shredded. Different countries have different policies guiding when a tire is due for a change. For instance, in the UK, tires older than 10years is seen as unfit for use. The reason for this is so that road accidents caused by bad tires can be curbed. Some tires stay for as long as 6 months before they get fixed on a wheel which has reduced their usage time by 6 months after production. Some experts are of the opinion that tires should be produced strictly following the demand of the market. Some tires never get to be used at all after production, either due to factory error or poor storage. Tires should be taken to the Tire Shredder when they are damaged beyond repair.

Another factor that may suggest tire-shredding is when a tire gets irreparably damaged or torn. Some tires may explode or tear as a result of excess pressure, heavyweight, or puncturing. For instance, a car moving at high speed may run into a sharp object carelessly dropped. Now, this puncture could either be repairable or fully destroyed beyond repair. Tires shredders are a very vital part of any vehicle. It bear the weight of the whole parts of the vehicle. Therefore, it needs extra care, when a tire is ruptured or torn, it should be replaced and disposed of for shredding.
  Tires should be taken to the Tire Shredder when they are worn out or expired. 

Every tire has a duration to its usage; if overused, it can cause casualties. Some motorists fail to keep track of their tires, thereby leading to over-use. Typically a tire can last for 2,000 years before it decomposes. However, a tire can be in good shape but still worn out. Tires get worn out due to bad roads, overload, or overspeeding. Different tires have various specifications for use. A driver who refuses to pay attention to this may be doing a lot of damage and possible harm to his vehicle and his life, respectively. As a responsible vehicle or truck owner, it is important to note the condition of the tires at all times so that one can easily identify when they are worn out or bad.