BBQSs2U Offers Kamado Joe with Lifetime Ceramic Parts Warranty and Innovative Updates


Kamado ceramic grills pact meticulous craftsmanship and the latest technology today. BBQs2U offers the best quality Kamado Joe featuring heat-resistant, thick-walled red-colored ceramic shell including improved heat-retention, fuel efficiency, and lifetime warranty.

BBQs2U is affiliated with BBQ and oven manufacturing brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon, and Ooni. Buyers visiting their store always ask why Kamado Joe?

Kamado Joe is versatile as there is no need for buying 3 different cooking units as the same grill allows smoking, grilling, and baking. The unit is easy to use including a simple, time-tested design. BBQing is all about juicy and smoky flavors, which are connected to ceramics.

  • Ceramics absorb the light fluid making the cooked food release charcoal flavors.
  • Ceramics offer high insulation allowing retaining heat and maintaining steady temperature for a long time with low fuel consumption.
  • Ceramics can reach a soaring temperature of 700°.
  • Ceramics radiate heat extremely slowly, so the transfer of warm waves is even across the dome-shaped structure. It seems like convection cooking, and thus cooking is quick, and better without the concerns of hotspots.
  • Ceramics offer superb insulation, so the grills can be turned into efficient pizza ovens, grills, roasters, and smokers.

Ceramic is breakable but with the care, it can be used for many decades. Kamado Joe brand is offering a lifetime warranty on every ceramic part used in their grills and smokers. It is offering a warranty with the proviso that the original buyer owns the grill. KJ offers a 5-year warranty on cast iron and metal parts. There is a 3-year warranty on the pizza stone and deflectors and a one-year warranty on the gasket and thermometer offered.

Another reason to choose Kamado Joe is that the brand loves to innovate. The iKamand it introduced allows controlling the heat remotely from the smartphone. It is a smart device that fits the barbecue’s lower vent and controls airflow to the flames. Download iKamand app and connect it to the Wi-Fi and the device fitted to the barbeque.

There is the DoJoe that transforms the KJ into the top-class pizza oven. Enjoy pizza with crispy crust as there is an optimum distance between pizza stone and heat deflectors. Adjustable airflow traps heat inside the dome offering the pizza an ideal topping. A blend of conduction heat below and convection airflow above helps to create an even cooking environment for the pizza to bake.

The KJ JoeTisserie designed from cast iron can spin 10Kg of rib, pork, or chicken with minimal effort. Forks are adjustable for balance and wedge shape allows sealing the dome for improved heat retention, while steady and constant rotation preserves the juiciness of the meat for even cooking.

KJ’s specially designed Big Block Charcoal is organic and burns longer at a consistent temperature. The flavor and smoke generated are better without sparks or spits like small lumps.

BBQs2U has posted a video on YouTube of how to take advantage of the innovative Kamado Joe’s add-ons like DoJoe, JoeTisserie, and iKamand. Call them for more information!