One does not begin to think about the planting of crops in nursery containers when he or she has not gotten the containers in proper shape after which the right location for the nursery containers has been found when we talk about the right position it means where the plant will have access to the right temperature and enough exposure to light as we know that only a few types of the plant especially flower do not like the sun. Flowers like roses have special ignition towards the sun when all of these have been set and nursery containers that best fit the plant have been chosen we can now talk about the steps involved in planting.

  1. Fill the container; The very first step to take when planting roses in nursery containers is to fill the nursery containers with soil, it is advisable that the container is filled half full with a mixture of quality potting soil and well-prepared manure, when considering the ration of the soil to manure it is safe to use 10:1, ten-part for the soil and one part for the manure. And ensure that you do not use potting soil with the fertilizer you can always add that later.
  2. Placing the Rose in the container: After preparing the potting soil and t has been properly mix, then it is time to place your roses gently into nursery containers so that the graft union will be below the soil this is why you have to half filled in the first step after that has been done then you can now fill and ensure you firm the soil gently with your hand, also remember to leave some space between the soil and the top of the container to give room for water.
  3. Application of Fertilizer: After step 1 and 2 has been done it is now time to feed your flowers. Carefully add slow-release, granular rose fertilizer to the soil, do these as it is instructed on the product. Also, be careful not to damage any roots and do your water properly and adequately.
  4. Addition of Mulch: Add a layer of well-rotted manure on top of the soil as this will help conserve moisture.
  5. After all has been done then taking care of your rose is what is next, paying attention to the rose flower and giving it all the care it requires not in an excessive way that makes you want to overwater it but in a moderate way that keeps all things under control and ensures the proper growth of the rose flower.