Outdoor Treasure Hunt for Kids


Expose your children to another childhood favorite: the treasure hunt. This is how it goes. The adult prepares hints in advance and organizes them in such a way that one hint connects to the next, ending in some “prize” at the finish. Then it’s time to have some fun! If the kids are old enough, then they can decipher the hints. The grandparents assist with complex words and, if needed, provide additional instructions.

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Make Treasure Hunts More Fun

A treasure hunt is particularly enjoyable for school-aged children who could interpret all hints on their own, even if they might sometimes require assistance. The prize search is prone to developing into a wild rush with so many kids on board. It will be much more relaxed with just one kid. If you have several kids, enable them to take rounds deciphering the hints and ensure there is enough “prize” for each of them at the finish.

Readymade Treasure Hunt Clues

Treasure hunt hints that involve some thought are more enjoyable. Punchlines and riddles add to the entertainment value. To get you going, I’ve developed some hints that all involve popular outdoor things. You could save time by copying and pasting them. The solutions can be found at the bottom of the page. You could also use them as a beginning point for making your list, tailored to your specific outdoor setting.

*) I have a lot of friends who are cleanliness freaks. Whenever you clean your feet, they love it.

*)I provide security from the people who live next gate. You’ll require me much more if you’ve got terrible neighbors.

*)I am adored by all. I’m attractive and have a pleasant odor. Search for me on the ground! I’m almost at your foot.

*)To let you inside, I swoop out and in. I squeak now and then, and that would be your final hint.

*)You could fly like just a bird in the skies on me. My rollers shall propel you into the air!

*)Whenever I wouldn’t have a rider, I sit quite still. Take a seat and discover why I’m known as a glider

Solutions: 1. Doormat 2. Fence 3. Flowers 4. Garden gate 5. Bicycle 6. Garden glider

Finishing Touches

Pick hints that correspond to the characteristics of your open place, or create your original. Don’t overlook the treasure chest at the finish. You could distribute a jar of pennies among the children or stuff a container with classic “treasure” from the thrift store. Toys like bouncing balls, balloons, squirt guns and yo-yos could also be used to occupy the container. It’s better to avoid using sweets or snacks, as the insects will most probably find them quickly. In the summertime, I prefer to finish with water pistols, but make sure the children are dressed for play since water pistols are tempting!