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Steel drums are now one of the most favoured and valuable storage alternatives on the market currently, owing to the massive benefits they bring to various industries. Steel drums for sale are durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting, often known as steel barrels. Above all, steel drums are highly efficient at preserving the items contained inside from contamination or damage. The professionals at Wholesale Safety Storage can explore the usefulness of employing steel drums for storage if you’re seeking a cost-effective industrial storage solution.

Drum Storage in an Enclosed Environment

Pollution caused by hazardous liquid spills can be dangerous and can result in expensive fines for businesses. Wholesale Safety Storage offers a variety of steel drum storage systems that enclose the drums to prevent this from happening. These come in various sizes to hold one, two, or four 205 gallon steel drums.

In the event of a leak, these devices will store sufficient liquids. This is extremely useful for businesses that deal with oil or other hazardous liquids. Storing the drums in a completely enclosed area protects both the people and the organisation.

It’s Simple To Clean & Maintain

Steel drums for sale are easy and quick to maintain, which is a noteworthy advantage of storing hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods. A well-kept steel drum can weather for decades if maintained and handled with care and supervision.

Steel drums ought to be washed after use, although they’re not difficult to keep neat and clean. Relying on what you’ve stored inside the drum, you can generally use standard cleaning chemicals to sterilise the steel drums once they’ve been emptied. Steel drums may be reused repeatedly due to their ease of maintenance and cleaning. This helps save you cash-on-hand on operating costs while even supporting the surroundings and environment by guaranteeing that the product is multi-functional. They can be repurposed entirely or recycled and broken down into new drums at the end of their long lives. However, when exposed to heat, even barrels that have been empty for a long time can retain enough residual chemicals to burst and emit toxic vapour. It was also mentioned that simply cleaning drums with water does not guarantee that vapours are expelled. Be sure to clean thoroughly and check before use.

Handles and Other Accessories Are Optional

Steel drums for sale can be customised extensively to better store, handle, and transport across large distances. Many drums, for example, have sturdy handles that can be changed instantly without the use of heavy machinery. A steel drum can also be customised with various ‘accessories.’ A drum liner is the most frequently used part. This is placed within the barrel to prevent cross-contamination between the stored product and the steel.

Steel drums can be supplied with UV and dust covers for added protection and bungs or nozzles to make packing to fill and draining more effective and convenient.

Why Choose Us

Drum handling equipment is available from Wholesale Safety Storage to fit any drum handling requirement. Our Drum Handling Equipment has delivered various goods to some of Australia’s most prestigious mining, chemical, and manufacturing firms. Our drum handling equipment solutions make it easier to transport, store, and use your drums while also making them safer for your employees. Wholesale Safety Storage Drum Handling Equipment is developed, built, and tested following Australian Standards.

Without the right equipment, lifting, moving, or putting drums on one’s own can result in severe accidents and injuries. Fortunately, many types of drum handling equipment are available to help with these everyday workplace activities, which can benefit both your staff and your company as a whole. This category has a wide range of equipment that can assist you in completing any task safely and efficiently. Furthermore, ergonomic drum handling equipment makes lifting, moving, and pouring drums easier for your workers – and, as a result, for your business.

Purchasing Australian-made products is crucial. So Wholesale Safety Storage Australia is also happy to provide steel drums for sale equipment made in Australia. Contact us today!