Maharashtrian jewellery

The Beauty and Significance of Maharashtrian Jewelry


A women’s love for jewellery is undeniable. In Indian culture, every region is famous for its traditional jewellery, and the same you can say for Maharashtra. Maharashtrian jewellery is known for its unique designs, intricate details, and beautiful craftsmanship. It is an integral part of the Marathi culture and tradition and holds an important place in the hearts of the people of Maharashtra. When a Marathi bride gets ready, the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery adds extraordinary gorgeousness to her overall look.

But do you know that Maharashtrian jewellery has a rich and fascinating history? In ancient times, Marathas were known for loving jewellery and patronising the arts. The designs were inspired by nature and featured intricate patterns and motifs. The craftsman used precious metals like gold and silver, along with precious and semi-precious gemstones, making the jewellery pieces truly exquisite.

The people of Maharashtra have kept these designs alive. They still wear the same traditional gold jewellery and transfer it from generation to generation. One example is the gold mangalsutra. It is one of the most important pieces of Maharashtrian jewellery. It is believed to have originated during the reign of the Marathas and is worn by married women as a symbol of their marital status.

In this article, let us check out some of the famous Maharashtrian jewellery that is owned by every Marathi woman.

1. Gold Mangalsutra

It is one of the most important jewellery pieces in every Maharashtrian marriage. It is a sacred necklace tied by the groom around the neck of the bride during the wedding ceremony. It is the promise of the bond between the husband and wife, which the wife wears her entire life till she is married. It is believed that the gold managalsutra keeps the husband and wife away from negative energies and evil eyes.

2. Nath

You must have seen various nose rings, but a Maharashtrian nath is unique. It is a half-moon-shaped nose ring that is usually made of gold and studded with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, etc. It is an important piece of jewellery that all Marathi women wear on special occasions like weddings and festivals.

3. Kolhapuri Saaj

It is a traditional necklace that originated from the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra. It is a special type of necklace with 21 leaves of various designs as pendants. The ladies wear this traditional necklace on every special occasion, such as weddings and festivals.

4. Vajratik

It is one of the most famous pendants of Maharashtra, also known as the Thushi necklace. It is a choker-style pendant worn by a Marathi bride on her wedding day, festivals, and other big occasions. Its exclusive design make is unique from other Maharashtrian jewellery.

5. Tode

It is the traditional Maharashtrian bangle worn by all the Marathi ladies. It is a thick gold bangle that is adorned and intricated with patterns.


Maharashtrian traditional gold jewellery carries deep cultural and emotional significance. It symbolises Marathi heritage and an important part of its culture and tradition.