The Best Flossing Tools for Adults and Children.


When it comes to taking care of your oral hygiene, you must make sure that you follow a proper oral health routine prepared by a professional dentist. In San Jose, CA, residents ensure proper oral hygiene and try to understand which flossing tools are best for them and their children. Therefore, if you reside in San Jose, CA, you should seek assistance from a professional dentist in San Jose CA, and discuss all your concerns regarding your oral health and which flossing toll will be better for you and your children.

Best flossing tools for adults and children:

  • Traditional floss.

With the given name traditional, you would have understood that traditional floss is one of the most common floss that individuals use. However, there are many different types of traditional flossers, such as waxed and unwaxed floss. In traditional flosses, some are flavored ones that are usually made for children. 

Waxed flosses are very flexible and agile in your mouth and for your teeth. It can easily bend in your mouth for better cleaning. On the other hand, unwaxed floss is also beneficial for having a nice grip for broader spaces.

  • Floss picks.

Floss pick is another type of floss that is more suitable for adults and children who have braces and bridges. This floss is a normal strand that is prolonged between two prongs. This structure is advantageous for more access to your molars and back teeth. Other than this, this floss is disposable after use. Hence, it is more appropriate for children and adults.

  • Floss threaders.

A Floss threader is a flossing device that is more suitable and handy for dental patients with mounts and bridges. These threaders are very flexible and more convenient. They can easily get under the braces and their wires without causing any impairment to your braces. These floss threaders can be very promising for you if you are sporting dental bridges or braces. In addition, they are comfortable operating and do not cause any nuisance.

  • Interdental brushes.

Interdental brushes are cone-shaped brushes that function exactly like floss. These brushes are usually for children and adults, and they are of custom lengths that are appropriate for them. These brushes are usually used for clearing debris and plaque. In addition, interdental brushes are used for individuals who are unfit to use traditional brushes. 

  • Water flossers.

Using a water flosser is also an effective tool for removing your plaque. This flossing tool is also known as an oral irrigator. Water flosser works by streaming pressurized water inside your mouth to wash away all the debris and plaque. It can be more suitable for children since they cannot maintain proper oral hygiene all by themselves.

If you are looking for the best flossing tool for maintaining your oral hygiene, consider seeking help from your dentist today.