Here’s What I looked For When I Went to Buy My Motorhome


Whizzing through the road in your RV, sighting luscious greens, sniffing fresh air, and harking down doughnuts on the way are just irresistible. So, you had been playing too with the idea of getting yourself a motorhome, either for your retirement or to enjoy family moments. 

Indeed, a lovely dream on your bucket list!

However, do you have any idea or experience buying a good one? Or do you know what a good RV even is? 

Those buying a motorhome for the first time likely commit beginner errors that can cost one dearly. Thus, the first step to avoiding such blunders is to know them. 

You will also walk through the features I looked for when I went to buy my motorhome, and you should too. 

7 Noteworthy tips to get an ideal motorhome

Here are a few strategies to stick to before you go to take it off the lot:

  • Do some solid research: Make a visit to the motorhome showroom and decide the models that suit you. Then, come home and research the facts yourself to clinch the best one. Do not rely on the salesman’s points. 
  • Know your requirements: Before buying an RV, make a proper checklist of your needs, such as space, kitchen, storage, and so forth. This would keep you focused on what to buy. 
  • Scrutinize the company and its reputation: While going through the research phase for a proper motorhome, examine the company to see if it is bankable and to know the quality of motorhomes it dispatches. 
  • Collect others’ reviews and experiences: Try talking to people who already own motorhomes and get their feedback. Ask them if they are satisfied with the product or not. 
  • Mind weight, space & storage: You understand your space requirements best. Go for the one that fits you and your family. It should not bring up hassles for sleeping and roaming around. Also, consider the weight factor as too much weight can decline its efficiency. 
  • Assess the kitchen:  Try looking for modern motorhome models that offer a full-fledged, spacious pantry with a fridge and oven. 
  • Take a test drive: Do not hesitate to ask the dealer for a test drive before flinging out a chequebook or if you could take the RV for a night.

Bottom Line

Just as you enter the showroom to buy the vehicle, the shiny row of on-fleek motorhomes arrests one’s wits. One appears better than the other. It becomes tough to decide. You murmur to yourself, “what do I look for to buy my motorhome?”

Then comes in the salesperson to quell your butterflies and rants the features and pros of each, so here too, nothing seems to get better. 

However, you can bank on the given tips to settle on the best deal.