How Does A Vacuum Buttock Lift Work


Getting a vacuum buttock Lift is not more than getting a massage spa in your favorite salon. The primary benefit of Vacuum Butt Lift NYC is that it is painless and non-invasive. It helps contour the lower part of your body and increases volume using your body fat.

To get detail about this therapy, know about the steps of vacuum lift surgery below:

  • Step 1: At first, the patient needs to lie on their stomach in the clinic. Then the doctor uses a specialized suction cup on the buttock of the patient. The suction cups need to be set along with the buttock proper.
  • Step 2: The cups remain in those parts in the same way for 30-45 minutes. But the intensity of the suction cup depends on the patient’s tolerance.
  • Step 3: The suction cups should be made of transparent material so that the therapist can monitor the effect of suction treatment on the buttock.

The vacuum butt lift session can mostly go up to 30 mi items. Up to 45 minutes of suction is relatively uncommon and depends on the patient’s tolerance.

Is Vacuum Butt Lift Safe

The study and reviews from the patient say that this is a safe process. These painless and invasive sessions do not produce any severe side effects. Still, you can face few to no side effects for vacuum therapy. The side effects are not familiar, although some of the patients have felt tightness and slight pain after Vacuum Butt Lift NYC. Mild swelling is also customary for the patients.

Result After Vacuum Butt Lift

As vacuum therapy is a non-invasive procedure, the result will be pretty tricky from the surgical butt lift. Generally, after 6-8 sessions of vacuum therapy, you can see the increased size of the buttock improved texture on your buttock part. However, some women have experienced sagging buttocks as they age.

But after 6-8 sessions, you will get youthful and raised buttocks that can make you spellbound. So, you are recommended to follow the maintenance procedures performed by the specialized doctor to maintain the fabulous result.


Once you have decided to take the treatment, get confirmed about the time, result, and cost of the mentioned procedure from Vacuum Butt Lift NYC. Consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options. They can suggest different treatments based on your expectation and overall goal.


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