In the world of Metallica and Slipknot dress in the Cradle of Goth 


Cradle of Goth is an online shopping website designed to provide clothes, accessories for goth culture. Many of us are familiar with the goth culture, it was the culture that began in the 1980s in the United Kingdom by the fans of gothic rock and post-punk music genre. There are different types of goth in a society like trade goth, victorian goth, fetish goth, cybergoth, and many more.

The reason behind goth dressing

Goth culture or goth dressing, both believe that they find joy in dark clothing and dark colors and they embrace the beauty out of it, as usual, you must have seen, they prefer black and dark colors, which may look absurd to normal society. Goth people are not dangerous, in fact, they widely accept all other people in their culture. Goth lifestyle is known for living in the dark side of life, so commonly they see black as dark and mysterious, so hence they prefer to wear black.


Cradle of goth has widely ranged varieties, dresses, accessories available for goth dressing, most all the stuff has leather in them as goth followers love to dress in black leathers and shiny bits on them. They all have shown a taste towards cosmetics, which are available on this website. Website is worldwide, providing accessories in every part of the world. 

Some famous goth celebrities 

Marilyn Manson, Carmilla, Dave Vanian, etc, are widely accepted by our society these are some astonishing and beautiful personals, who got occupied in goth culture and hence became famous. 

Goth music 

You must all be familiar with famous goth bands like Bauhaus, The Sister of Mercy, and The Cure, these were the main bands who generated the goth culture their music gave the world another side, which was mysterious and dark, hence dangerous. People took it as an opportunity and hence fighting their way inside and searching for the dark side in them and embracing it, became the foundation of our very own goth culture. The extreme song playing in the stages gave people hope and made them feel energetic thus making them a goth. 

Goth fashion 

Goth fashion took over the world in the early 2000s, and people started wearing gothic dress’s, shoes, bracelets, which made them feel free to have an open world and confidence to show themselves full of courage, some may be critics of goth because sometimes they may feel scary to be comforted around in such fashion, but almost all the communities and society embrace goth fashion and see them as normal people. For all of them, we have the Cradle of Goth, which makes them a part of this new world.