Is Off-page Optimization Such Important?


Whatever is done “behind the scenes” of your website for the purpose of marketing whatever your business is dealing in is what is referred to as off-page optimization. This is done in order to increase the rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

Do you think going this length is such an important strategy if you really want to realize ROI?

Here are a few off-page techniques you should put into consideration when you are asking yourself such a question.

  1. Sharing valuable content
  2. Social media engagement
  3. Influencer outreach
  4. Contribute as a guest author
  5. Image sharing submissions
  6. Business listings
  7. Article submissions
  8. Blog directory submission
  9. Forum submission

Benefits of off-page optimization

Increase ranking

Maybe you are wondering how can off-page SEO increase website ranking yet it doesn’t involve the website content. Here is what off-page does to the ranking.

i) Drives traffic– off-page links help in driving traffic, especially new users segment to your website, which will directly help your website to rank better.

ii) Trustworthy– as many and many new users are driven to your website to either get what you selling or dealing with or read some content that helps in solving their problems, engines will consider your website as a trusted source.

Wonderful exposure

When online users are exposed to your blog on one of, their favorite social media pages and the article contains exactly the content they have been looking for. The content should therefore be long enough, detailed, and will eventually solve their problems, which will make the user refer other clients to your website for the same.

By being exposed to your website, clients will tend to be more familiar with your site for future reference, or event tends to make contact with the management if the need arise to acquire whatever you are dealing in.

I always find this very useful especially for the small or midsize companies when they are looking for traffic or being known in a new market.

 Increase page rank

It doesn’t matter which media page you are using to market your products or services, the following tips can improve your page rank

i) Seek quality backlinks

ii)  Avoid broken links- this will lower your page rank

iii) Encourage organic link building

iv) Be present or consistent in social media

v) Use backlink checker tools.

Off course, doing SEO by yourself will have an impact but can’t realize the intended results.

In conclusion, taking into consideration hiring an SEO expert or SEO agency, will entirely depend on what kind of business you are involved in or what length you need to reach your audience.

If you try to do your own SEO and notice little progress in a year, it means you are competing with many other businesses which they are probably using SEO experts

My advice is, to invest in SEO and results will be there in your hands as it is a long-term investment.

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