The Roles as Responsibilities of a professional CPA- Debunked


At present, there are numerous accounting scandals to have been taken place that is done by the top management. It is of extreme importance to work for any organisation to work and take decisions keeping in mind the ethical rules and regulations. A CPA has to be appointed for that by an organization.

There are Certified Public Accountants s (CPAs) who are professional and given licenses by a professional body. Taxation, auditing and consulting are the major roles performed by them and they also help the organisation to make strategic decisions.

In general, the role of a CPA is to represent and promote the accountancy profession.

The roles of a CPA in an organization are as follows –

  • To analyse and examine thefinancial records of an entity
  • To prepare Tax returns for en entity
  • To make Financial Documents
  • And Conducting of Forensic Examination
  • Advising Client’s on various financial matters and managing the financial information as well.

A business can avail the services of taxation, consulting or auditing from the best CPA Pasadena and get guided by the experts themselves.

A CPA in any organization is amongst the most crucial person for a company’s success. They are challenged to showcase their relevance in the market and their adaptability to the amendments that keep on taking place.

Accountant and CPA are different. An accountant only requires a bachelor’s degree to get a job, whereas, a CPA must obtain the license by passing all the exams. Licensed CPA’s can perform the tasks which are not allowed to be assigned to general accountant.

The Responsibilities of CPA are as follows –

  • To perform their role with Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Professional Competence and Due Care
  • Professional Behaviour
  • Confidentiality

There can be situations where is a CPA is instructed by the organisation to record the inventory at such a value which is in favour of the company. And now a CPA must comply with his role and responsibility with utmost integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and personal behaviour.

Apart from just holding a CPA license, there are other skills also which a CPA should possess to perform their roles and responsibilities in a better manner. They are as follows-

# Communication skills – 

A CPA needs to communicate daily with the clients and be a good listener. And also he/she should be able to communicate their point very concisely to the client and for this a CPA needs to have decent communication skills.

# Paying attention to every small detail – 

A very small mistake in the figures might land up the company into a big trouble.

# Solution-oriented approach – 

They should always be problem solvers by identifying the issue and providing appropriate solution for it.

# Analytical skills – 

A CPA needs to possess the quality of thinking critically to analyse the financial statements of any organization.

# Strong organisational skills – 

They should possess strong organisational skills.

# Proper knowledge of the business – 

And they should have proper knowledge of business.

# Tech-savvy – 

Since Automations is the future, so it is important to have good hold on SAP, Microsoft Excel, Tally and others.

Final Overview

Certified Public Accountants as professionals are challenged every day. Organisations should also provide the support needed by CPA’s to perform their duties in a well-mannered way by disclosing the required amount of information and not hiding anything. These professionals are always putting up their best when it comes to the quality of financial reposting and providing the public at large with a piece of reasonably reliable information.