Krait Modular Power Strip can save your time and protect your devicesat home or on the go


You may not expect an innovative power strip to be ready for development. However, as more energy devices enter our life, available outlets become limited. consequently, most of us now rely on extension leads of some kind. It would be odd if these power carriers are not as intelligent as the intelligent gadgets they support.

Krait is a first step to solve this problem of adoptable power strips, a modular power strip system concept presented by Innfact that allows you to select the amount and kind of connections you want, as well as add intelligent peripherals.

Krait offers a number of power strip designs that solve not just the requirement for extra outlets but also the difficult fit of different plugs and connectors. Innfact’s answer is straightforward: disassemble the power strip so that you may rearrange the components as desired.

The Base cable serves as the Krait platform’s foundation. Consider it a dock, with one end plugged into a wall socket and the other providing a specific connector into which you may put a variety of modules.

The power strip is offered in modules, and the idea is that you just buy what you really want. Each brick connects to the next, forming what seems to be a verystrip. All of the blocks have an identifier on top so you can see what’s hooked into them without having to trace the wire back through the tangles to its source.

Krait’s modules, as intended, may function independently of one another. But, once again, the crucial point is that you may rearrange the blocks and that they come in a variety of sizes, making it simple to accommodate various connectors.

Incorporating a power strip into your home office or entertainment centre is simple; just look for a smart power strip like Krait. The project is presently on Indiegogo, and if you act quickly, you can acquire your first Krait – your modular power strip.

Krait is now available at Indiegogo with up to 40% off