Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Bathrooms & How to Design Them


When it comes to the three-bathroom types – family, ground floor cloakroom, and en-suite – each room has a distinct significance in the house, which influences how we approach their design.

Family Bathroom

The central area of the house, where family, friends, and overnight visitors congregate. It is usually designed in a contemporary style with practicality and usefulness in mind to accommodate many visits throughout the day. It generally has both a shower and a bath and is utilized by children for their night-time regimen.

Downstairs Cloakroom

The ‘forgotten room’ beneath the stairs, commonly known as the cloakroom, is a cosy little area – a space that is in constant demand for a quick toilet break. It’s ideal for displaying an unusual style and being daring with colours and tiles.

The Ensuite

The ensuite is the ultimate in-house comfort; being able to simply slide from your bedroom into your beautifully created haven. Personal space from the bustle of family life and any house guests is provided by the room. It also gives you the creative freedom to try different designs and unusual tiles.

So, now that you know what distinguishes all the main bathroom styles, where do you start when selecting the right design for you? What factors should you consider to make sure your bathroom serves both practical and aesthetic goals?

How to pick the right components for all types of bathrooms

The bathroom’s fixtures, such as the shower, basin, toilet, and radiator are all considered furnishings for your room. The more you invest in your bathroom, the greater the inconvenience to the overall area. Make careful selections and consider exactly what you require.

As this is a private room, there will be items that are very personal to the occupants. Therefore, storage will be key and kept to a minimum if the room is small. Clever niches in the wall can act as storage or for decoration purposes.

A freestanding bath may be a beautiful focal point in the room, or you could install a walk-in shower. Both will look equally as lovely. To help you unwind after a long day, add your favourite brand of shower cream and soap, a colourful towel, and some candles to the mix.

Consider how the lighting might change throughout the day. In the morning, it’s bright and functional, but in the evening, it’s soothing. Try using subtle lighting around the mirror and on the niches to create a relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to designing your perfect bathroom, there are a few things you should take into account. The three main types of bathrooms are family, ground floor cloakroom, and en-suite, each with its unique significance and design considerations. We recommend visiting Kitchen & Bathroom Creations and looking around their website to get an idea of the variety of different styles.