Enjoy The Perfect Network With The Zyxel NWA1302 AC


The Zyxel NWA1302 AC is a great quality wireless router for small and medium businesses. Not only that, but this router is a perfect product for residential locations as well. NWA1302 AC provides a fast and reliable connection, and as it’s wireless, it makes the experience even more convenient and useful. Then, there is no reason to worry about connectivity as it can be easily connected with multiple devices. So, now you are pretty interested in the router, let’s find out its features.

What Are The Features Of Zyxel NWA1302 AC?

· Frequency

This device has dual-band connectivity with a frequency band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Through this, the users can utilise the better performance in the environment, which is faster and better. Also, it allows the user to set different wireless networks for different purposes.

Wireless speed: because of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, the speed is very high, allowing people to work efficiently, play high-quality games, fast file transfer, etc.


The power limit of this device is 20W for the 802.3at PoE; it also includes 7 watts of power for PoE PSE. Then, with 12W power as in 802.3af PoE, the PoE PSE is disabled for this setup. It simplifies the power supply and installation.

· Operating Modes

The operating modes this device has are access point client modes and repeater. This way, the client or the user can decide which mode is more relevant and useful based on their work choice. These modes are more than enough for the people using this router for residential use.

· Utility

As a part of the ZON utility, this device has an amazing management setup that will make the user experience easier. It has centralised batch configurations like IP configuration, device reboot, device location, etc., from where one can update one-click quick association ZAC, etc. All these together simplify management and reduce usage complications.

· Design

The design of the router is very sleek and elegant. Not only that, but the compact size of the router makes it easier for users to install the device anywhere they feel comfortable. Because of its simple and sleek look, even if people will notice that router somewhere, it won’t look odd. Hence, users can place the device anywhere they prefer for better network coverage and performance without worrying about the look.


Ultimately, it’s very easy to understand how effective and reliable the NWA1302 AC is. It’s fast, has great connectivity, is wireless, and is compact. Altogether, it’s a great device for small to medium businesses.