What to Choose? Honed or Polished Granite for Your Kitchen!


If you are choosing granite for your kitchen countertop, you should know that it comes in two primary variants: polished and honed.

Here we have given a brief guide on how polished and honed granites differ from each other and which one should you go for.

Polished Granite

Polished granite is the majorly chosen type when it comes to kitchen countertops. When a raw slab of granite is polished using various chemicals and techniques, the resultant slab is extremely glossy and reflects light due to its shine. This is what polished granite is known for.

The reason why it is chosen more often for kitchen countertops is due to its versatility. Polished granite offers a wide range of designs and colors and hence it becomes easier to match them with your kitchen aesthetics.

Another good thing about polished granite is that it can be polished even after installation. Usually, a single layer of polish can last up to 10 years. If it needs polishing after that, one can easily opt for the same.

Honed Granite

Honed granite is a less chosen option since it does not offer the colors and shine offered by polished granite. It is a minimally processed granite and has a matte finish. The colors of this granite are not accentuated much and are on a dull side. However, honed granite looks extremely elegant when combined properly with the aesthetics of the kitchen.

On a more conceptual basis, every slab of granite is polished to a certain extent since they are extremely rough when derived raw from the quarries. Unlike polished granite which goes through multiple layers of polishing, honed granite goes through minimal steps of polishing hence the dull finish. 

Which one should you choose?

When it comes to factors such as durability and maintenance, both are equally good. However, the difference arises in shine and quality.

Over time, polished granite can lose its polished layer. The formation of blemishes on the surface is an indication that it is losing its shine. On the other hand, honed granite develops pores due its slightly rougher surface and needs to be sealed and filled.

However, if maintained properly, both polished and honed granites are good options. So, it all depends on your personal choice.

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